Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Counting Down Christmas with ........(4) The Cookie Tree, Cookie Bouquet & Rice Crispie Treats

How do you like this Cookie Tree? I do like it so much. I don't think anyone would want to dismantle it and eat it, piece by piece. It would be the cruelest thing to do on earth.

As mentioned earlier, the November/December 2008 issue of Flavours Magazine will be featuring my Christmas Cookie Tree, Sugar Cookie Treats (which can be assembled into a Cookie Bouquet) and Rice Crispie Treats; the recipes and ways of decorating them. Remember to grab a copy of it if you like these treats.

In fact, I am still in the midst of making thousands of cookies for an order, rushing to get them out of the door by end of this month. Brain is still pretty occupied by the smell and taste of cookies. I just hope my love for cookies will not die out because of this recent constant baking and decorating of cookies. With a blank mind, I will just leave you all with some of the photographs I took on the treats. Will sure hope to talk more about the treats after this.......


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Little Corner of Mine said...

Very nicely decorated cookies Jo! I like the rice crispie treats. :)

Jo said...

Thanks Ching. I will post the recipe soon if you are interested.

Ling's Passion said...

Saw your cookies at ICCA yesterday. They look gorgeous nicely arranged in a flower pot.

Family First said...

Yes Jo, please do share this recipe with us .. getting bored of normal sweet cookies already .. this is a nice alternative :-)

Jo said...

Thanks Ling!

Hiya familyfirst,
I will definitely post the recipe. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jo,

How are you? Been following regularly your blog. Too bad cant get a copy of Flavours magazine I believe this is Malaysia issue, right? But can you share some recipe here? Miss your action...ir maybe you can share some suggestion where I could get a copy of that magazine.


*You Lite Up My Life* said...

Hi Jo, nice cookies, how you do the rice crispie?

Btw, I would like to share The Pink Sisterhood with you. Pls copy the tag from my blog. Cheers.

Jo said...

Hi malou,
Long time no see. How are you? I am not sure where to get this mag in the Philipines though but I will definitely be sharing the recipe here or at my forum, hopefully soon. Becoming a little lazy since I stopped work :p

Anonymous said...

My niece kept saying 'I want this, I want that' while looking at pictures. Yes, I want that too, LOL !