Sunday, December 2, 2007

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A Malaysian Chinese staying in the heart of the largest city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur with her husband, her little boy and housekeeper.

Jo was professionally trained as a Chemical & Process Engineer. After obtaining her Masters degree in the same discipline, she worked for the highly prospective oil and gas, and later the water and wastewater industries. She used to dedicate her off-work time in the kitchen experimenting recipes and sinfully stole time during her working hours to share her tried and tested recipes on her webpage and forum. She also took wedding cake orders, trying to recover at least a little of the ‘investment’ cost she put in to her experimenting and webpage hosting. Jo then realised nothing was more satisfying and rewarding than being able to share her cake baking and decorating knowledge with others. After years of searching guidance from God, she decided to pursue her dream as an instructor, making beautiful cakes and sharing her skill with others. Started as a self-taught baker with no qualification in pastry making and cake decorating art, Jo took up part time pastry courses from the Malaysian Institute of Baking, Taylor’s College/Academie de Toulouse France and was later trained by the Wilton training team and officially authorised as a Wilton Method Cake Decorating Instructor in 2006, not long after quiting her full time job as an engineer. In 2007, she received a small recognition from the Wilton Industries of Chicago for her achievement of having taught 200+ students within a year after becoming a Wilton Method Instructor.

As a part time instructor and a mother of a non-stop exploring toddler, Jo is not quite able to enjoy the luxurious time she used to have in the kitchen. She is trying very hard to steal time out to do the things she enjoys doing. When she is not babysitting Jeriel, not surfing the net for cake related topics, nor teaching, she can be found in her kitchen experimenting recipes or stirring woks and pots of scrumptious dishes for her family.

Jo had been missing her cyber community ever since she slowed down in her webpage updating. She also kiasu-ly (Malaysian slang of ‘afraid to lose’) thought that she would want to be part of the food blogosphere, and so the creation of this blog.

Jo likes sourcing for unusual sauces especially when she goes traveling. She also creates a variety of sauces from scratch as she belives sauce is the essence of a dish; it enhances, compliments and sometimes even alters the flavour of a dish. A sauce can be anything you want it to be. It may be something carefully prepared over hours or it can be as simple as things thrown in at the last minute.

Jo tries very hard to keep this blog going and hopes everybody who visits this blog will enjoy her sharing. God bless.

Jo can be contacted at joanneloo(at)time(dot)net(dot)my

Press Release:

Malaysian Women’s Weekly
Penita Page 1 & 2
Oriental Cuisine
Newicon Page 1 & 2
Graduates (still looking for the write-up)
Jelita Page 1 & 2
HerWorld Brides Page 1, 2 & 3
Female Brides June 2007
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Bridal Trend Jan 2008 Page 1, 2 & 3
Bridal Trend August 2008
Flavours November 2008 Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
The Edge Financial Daily 26 Feb 2009

ICCA Instructor of the Year 2008
Awarded the Century Club Award & 250 Club Award by Wilton Inc., USA
Wedding Cake Gallery


karlsfoodie said...

Hey Jo
I din know u have a blog! Nice one here!! keep it up yea

Mandy said...

Jo, you are such a talented woman. I am glad you left a message on my blog that lead me here. Good to know another Sabahan who blog!

Jo said...

Mandy, thanks for dropping by. I am glad to be able to find out your blog accidentally too. You are so good in your baking and photography. I am still struggling in the latter.