Monday, December 1, 2008

Counting Down Christmas with ........(5) The Christmas Cookies

Christmas Wreath,
piped with royal icing then decorated with sprinkles and fondant ribbon

I thought I was not going to make anymore Christmas cookies after baking and decorating 1000 pcs before I left my ex-company. Although fun, baking and decorating cookies in bulk can easily burn oneself out. Baking is fast but the decorating could be time consuming.

Got a call from a close student of mine, M. I was asked if I could do some Christmas cookies for a school, design entirely up to me. That was fun, wasn't it? I immediately said YES, thinking that the required number of cookies could be completed pretty fast.

Candy Stick, decorated mainly with fondant

I could have taken down the step-by-step photographs and share with you on the forum how these cookies were done. Last weekend was a busy one with all the family and church activities. I dragged the making of them till the last minute so was chasing time to get them out of the door. So.... sorry guys, will find a time to do a nice tutorial for you.

Christmas Tree

I have had so much fun decorating this batch of cookies despite the rush. Thanks M for referring this order to me.

All time favourite Christmas icon, the Christmas Stocking

And this is an easy one; the Holly Leave with berries, all made of fondant. Outline was done in royal icing to add some extra details to the design.

Oh no, Santa left his Mitten behind while dropping presents down our chimney!



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Little Corner of Mine said...

Lovely cookies too! A lot of work hor?

A little about me ... said...

I admired your patience my friend.

Isha said...

wow they r looking so good

Jo said...

Ching, Edith,
Actually quite a bit of work but I like the aftermath satisfaction, hehe....

Thanks for visiting.

hlpe said...

Jo, if i may ask, what do you use to adhere the fondant to the cookie? (the usual sugar paste mixed with hot water?)

SueSue said...

Wow this is great and nice too. I don't think so I can decorate such nice cookies. Hahaha

xan said...

great job! my fav is the wreath :)

Jo said...

Hi Hannah,
I used royal icing to stick fondant to cookies.

Hi Sue Sue, xan,
Thanks for the compliment :)

Selba said...

Whoa... the cookies so nice! Can put as ornament on the christmas tree :)

chumpman said...

I showed pictures to my niece and she came out with the question 'cookies ? can eat hah ?' Just becoz they were much too nice to be eaten.

chumpman said...

X'mas wreath looks as nice as a porcelain photoframe. You are really talented and skilled !

stephy said...

Hi Jo, i just wondering will fondant soften the cookies faster?? cos i always encounter the problem of softened cookies while waiting for the royal icing to dry. Thanks

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

they look really nice!!