Monday, November 24, 2008

Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Fresh Fruit Toppings

Coming to a month since I stopped working, I would say I have been enjoying it.

Normal house chores and mommy's duties occupy most of my time. Apart from the norms, we finally decided to get a new set of bookshelves to get my ever-growing numbers of books and magazines sorted and organised. No more scattering around the house that I had difficulty finding the books myself. As I will be spending more time in the kitchen from now on, additional kitchen cabinet will be done up to accomodate my new Fagor oven and to provide more spacious counter top for baking and sugar work. Can't stop thinking how I want to organise my new workstation though the cabinet will only be installed next week.

It was mother-in-law's birthday last weekend. Decided to make a simple Fresh Fruit Cake (the Asian style) for her. Hubby's family is bakery cake supporter. No high ratio cake with fancy sugar decorations. For the base, I had used the vanilla chiffon cake recipe which I have been sticking to. Cake was layered and filled with whipped cream and cocktail fruits. Frosted with whipped cream and decorated with fresh fruits. A very typical Asian bakery cake ;)

For a ste-by-step tutorial on how to decorate this cake, kindly visit this post at MCDC.



Little Corner of Mine said...

Very pretty cake, Jo!


Hi Jo, I realised you have a Fagor oven. Mind to share which model is good and how much it cost and where you bought it? I am looking for a built-in type too. Please email me at Thanks.

ka..t said...

Hi. Was looking at your step-by-step tutorial, very helpful indeed. Thanks for sharing.

I am now staying in Abu Dhabi and I have no idea where to get instant jelly! What other substitutes can we use to glaze the fruits? We have those jelly crystals, will they do?

Joanne said...

Hi Jo,

I've tried making this type of cake several times, the sponge is fine and icing the cake is fine too but when I put fruit on top of the cake I find that the fruit bleed (the juice come out of the fruit over the sides of the cake, ending up in puddles at the sides of the cake). Just wondering how you manage to do this without the fruit bleeding? Do you soak up the fruit in kitchen towels first?

Jo said...

Thanks Ching.

Family first, Email sent to you! Hope you will be able to get what you want.

HI ka t, sorry for the late reply. Hope it is not too late now to answer you question. Is there any another type of glaze which you could get in Abu Dhabi, like agar agar powder? How about piping jelly, although not 100% suitable but can do the job too. Let me know.....

Hi Joanne,
First you must make sure you drain the fruits really well. Use kitchen towel to wipe dry them if necessary. However, by doing this, the fruits will lose their shin. Hence, instant jelly or fruit glaze is required to glaze the fruits once they are on the cake. Now, make sure the glaze isn't too runny, and do not overdo the glazing otherwise the glazing will flood the cake and start dripping down from the sides of the cake. Good luck!

kat said...

Thanks for your reply, Jo. I have not seen any piping jelly or instant jelly. Unless you are talking about those jelly crystals that come in various fruit flavour (like those Nona brand in kl). I do have some agar-agar powder (mermaid brand) brought over from kl. Would any of these be suitable?

Jo said...

Agar agar powder does help. Follow the given instruction to prepare the solution, keep stirring and when it starts to become thicker, brush on the fruits. Take care not to brush too much or else it will start dripping down to the sides of the cake. Good luck!

Jill said...

please please post the vanilla chiffon cake recipe. the link you posted is down. please post i want to try this cake for my sons bday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

Would you mind share your vanilla chiffon cake recipe?

I would like to try it.


Anonymous said...

hi jo! tried to click on the link for the sponge cake recipe ): it's broken. could you repost? thanks! =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

Would you please post the vanilla chiffon cake again because when I tried to click on the link for this cake it did not work. I was so happy when I found your blog everything you made look wonderful.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the wonderful recipes. I was trying to link to your vanilla chiffon cake recipe but couldn't. Is this a technical problem or the recipe was taken down?
I was so looking forward to try out your Vanilla chiffon cake with fresh fruit topping.

Warm regards,

Jo said...

Oh dear, sorry folks. I have amended the link and it should work now. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
I was wondering if i can use regular sugar instead of castor sugar for the cake or is there a subsitute?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

Do you have the recipe in cups? I don't have a kitchen scale and the last time i tried to convert grams to cups the cake turned out terrible.
Thanc for your help

Jo said...

Are you residing in Malaysia? If you are, it is not advisable to use the normal granulated sugar for making cakes as it is too coarse. Castor or fine sugar can be easily accessibe from supermarkets or baking supplies shop. It is finer than the norml sugar we use for beverage or cooking. Hope this helps.

Hmmm .... I don't use cupcs to measure my ingredients. In order to be sure, I will have to try and post it up again some time later.