Friday, September 26, 2008

Dried Daylily & Black Fungus Fish Soup (金针木耳滚鱼汤)

Let me tell you something about myself. I am obsessed with recipe books, but thank God my craving for recipe books is periodical rather than continuous. There was a particular period of time, I was into French pastries and dessert plating, which resulted an invoice of more than RM400 for 6 books at one shot. Recently I have been very much interested in Taiwanese publications. This had caused the importing of 8 cookbooks in one shipment.

Today's recipe was adapted from one of the recipe books I bought during my Hong Kong trip. This book is called '快捷滚烫COOK得起', bought during my obsession with soup recipes. 滚烫 (quick boiling) is a quick way of preparing soup compared to 煲汤 (slow boiling), which the whole boiling process can easily take up to 3 hours. A bowl of quick boiled soup doesn't mean its nutritional value is compromised. In fact, a short boiling process is good especially for food like vegetables to ensure not too much vitamins and nutrients are lost during the boiling process.

Daylily & Black Fungus Fish Soup (金针木耳滚鱼汤)
Adapted from '快捷滚烫COOK得起'

20g dried daylilies (or golden needles金针), soaked till soft
20g black fungus (
木耳), soaked till soft and shredded
2 tomatoes, cut into large wedges
1 medium size fish, cleaned
3 slices ginger
Oil for frying
2.5L water
Dash of ground black pepper
Salt to taste


1. Prepare all ingredients as directed.
2. Heat oil in a pan. Add in ginger slices and fry both sides of fish at medium heat till cooked. Drain as much oil as possible.
3. In a pot, start boiling water. Add in fried fish, dried daylilies, black fungus and tomatoes and bring water to a boil. Reduce water and boil for another 15 minutes.
4. Taste with salt and pepper.


Tastes of Home said...

mmm I'm crazy about soups! I have not had fish soup in the longest time!! I must try this, nothing like a bowl of hot soup to warm the soul.

I know about cookbooks! LOL

what fish did u use here btw? thanks!

Anonymous said...

just like you i love to buy cooking and baking books and magazines, but i seldom try out the recipes there. i prefer recipes from foodie blogs.crazy, right?
btw your soup looks interesting. is the fish taste strong?

Little Corner of Mine said...

This is really interesting. I never cook fish in this way before.

Jo said...

TOH, I like soup veru much. I used small red fish for this soup. I would suggest to add another fish if the size of your fish is small.

Try getting fresh fishes from market and the ginger slices added in when frying the fish does help.

Ching, you should give it a try. Fish soup is good for kids.

Jennifer said...


You soup looks yummy! My friend also taught me to cook fish soup using the same fish. I must try cook this soup one of these days.


Nifty Noshing - The Delights of Ethnic Cooking And Dining said...

This sounds great! Have you cooked it yourself?

I think I'll try a sea brim or a little red snapper with this and, perhaps, some fish sauce instead of salt for seasoning.