Thursday, March 6, 2008

'Beachy' Cupcakes

This is an order from a regular customer of mine. She loves butter cakes, so she always insists on really buttery flavour whenever she orders cupcakes from me.

This was another order for this lady for her beloved son's party at his kindie. The theme was 'Beach' so I suggested her to have her usual butter cupcakes with beachy, summerish candy decoration instead of fondant pieces. Compared to fondant, candies always seems to be a better option in terms of taste. Wilton's Candy Melts® are compound chocolate or coating chocolate mainly made of vegetable oils, milk solids, sugar, etc. The taste of Candy Melts are not as great as couverture chocolate but the fact that these candies are available in various colours makes candy moulding absolutely fast and easy. These beachy figurines involved candy painting technique. For more information about candy melting, moulding and painting, please refer here and here.

As for the frosting, it was vanilla buttercream. It was not the usual Wilton buttercream I normally preached in my class. I cut down on the amount of icing sugar and have more milk than required in Wilton's recipe. I tried to make the candies as colourful as possible for the kids. Just got to know from the mommy that the kids loved the cupcakes! It was really a fun-filled order to make. Absolutely love these cupcakes myself!


Ling's Passion said...

I love these cupcakes too. What a great idea to decorate cupcakes with these unique candies.

Jo said...

Thanks Ling. I like the cupcakes too and so were the kids :)

Anonymous said...

hi, hope u can share your buttercream recipe...would like to try for my son's cake. TIA_kate