Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Simple Cake........

...for a wonderful birthday boy.

The mother of the birthday boy is a good church friend of mine. Knowing my busy schedule, she was so kind to pick a simple design, a 2-D character Pooh cake. Although I get to see the Pooh character pan day in and day out at my workplace, this was only my first time using it. It was a Chocolate Moist Cake frosted with vanilla buttercream. The buttercream was 50% butter 50% Krimwell based. I have no idea of the amount of icing sugar I beated in. Just kept on adding until the sweetness I think the crowd would likely be able to accept.

Sorry about the quality of the photo. Had to shoot in a rush under weak yellow lighting. No time to try out different settings for shooting under this kind of light condition. Didn't know the trick anyway. Food photography? Way to go.

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Anonymous said...


May I know what is Krimwell?

Thank you.