Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shark Fin Melon Soup

If I say the art of boiling soup plays a big role in the Cantonese food heritage, I don't think you will have any objection on this. Recall the very motherly roles in Hong Kong series, they are good in boiling soup.

Being a Cantonese who got married to another Cantonese, don't think our home will ever lack of soups. I make it a point to have at least two simmered soups (煲湯, 'bao tang') and two quick boiled soups (滾湯, 'gun tang') every week. I have heard from mothers that it is difficult to make their kids drink soup but thank God, I don't have this problem with Jeriel. Probably he is so used to having soups since he started taking solids.

Today's recipe is a real simple one. I am not sure how difficult it is for you who are staying in overseas to get hold of shark fin melon (鱼翅瓜)but you can always replace it with winter melon (冬瓜).

Shark Fin Melon Soup
Serves 6


500g pork ribs or bones
900g shark fin melon (鱼翅瓜), skinned, seeded and cut into 1 inch pieces
50g red dates
10g dried squids
100g salted vegetable (大头菜
2.5L water
Salt to taste


1. Clean pork bones/ribs. In a pot, add water enough to cover the pork bones or ribs; bring water and bones/ribs to a boil. Continue to boil for 2-3 minutes to get rid of impurities and blood stains. Wash bones again under running water.

2. In another pot, combine all ingredients except salt, including the cleaned pork bones/ribs. Bring to a boil, lower heat and continue to boil for 2 hours.

3. Season with salt, if necessary.



Family First said...

Seems like boiling soup is easy, just time-consuming. Thanks for sharing. Would you have the recipe for "taufu-kang" .. sorry I dont know if it has an English name. It sure does look like the real shark-fin soup we usually see at restaurants (minus the fins!)

Family First said...

And I do visit your MCD forum, so if you do have it, pls do post it there for sharing .. thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey how come i couldnt find shark fin melon? i went to carrefour and giant, found none...i liked it too~

Little Corner of Mine said...

Interesting, I have not seen shark fin melon here. Will see whether they have it here.

gabotmetal said...

he ha ah very nice never see before where i can find it? :)

jadepearl said...

Oh... I love this melon...its delicious!!! :)

Leily said...

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Leily said...

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