Friday, November 28, 2008

Chinese New Year + Cupcakes = Something not quite ordinary

Cherry Blossoms (inspired by Chinese calligraphic painting)

Chinese New Year, or the Lunar New Year is the most important of all the Chinese holidays. We have been having traditional snacks like prawn crackers, love letters, pineapples tarts and kuih ros for this festive. Chinese New Year and Cupcakes ......... not quite a good combination all these while until the last couple of years.

I will be conducting the Chinese New Year Cupcakes class. It will be a fully hands-on class with all the cupcakes and decorating material included. For more information about this class, kindly send your inquiry with the subject 'Chinese New Year Cupcake Class' via e-mail to joanneloo(at)time(dot)net(dot)my.

Koi or any fish, symbolises abundance

"Xin Chun" Chinese calligraphy, which means Spring

Golden nugget and Mandarin oranges, the must-haves for Chinese New Year

And last but not least, how can we forget the zodiac which is going to rule the Year of 2009.

Year of 2009, Year of Ox



Joyce Loo said...

Jo, 500pcs of these? You must be kidding. They are all hand-crafted. :P

Edith said...

Jo, these are sooooo lovely. Forgotten that next year is moo moo year.

Baking Fiend said...


These designs are lovely! Wish you'll have full classes for the cupcakes baking. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...


javapot said...

So sweet looking, well done!! :)

Penelope Walker said...

These cupcakes are wonderful! I just wrote a post on the MyPunchbowl blog about free invitations and party planning for Chinese New Year and linked to your post.


i like your white ox

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just saw your blog, very interesting, I'm interested on baking cupcakes.... if you have any new claces please let me

Sarah the Bear said...

These cupcakes are so precious! I love the variety and you nailed each one. Really beautiful!