Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

This time of the year, shopping malls are flooded with mooncakes of all flavours. They are irrisistable, especially their packaging which certainly makes an impact when the mooncakes are given as gifts to someone.

I prefer making my own mooncakes if time allows. They just mean a lot more to hubby and Jeriel, and also relatives and friends who receive the mooncakes. This year's mooncake making was a last minute affair due to the recent frequent traveling. Besides, Jeriel has been having flu on and off lately which makes it difficult to get something tedious started.

Mooncake making is not as complicated as one would think of. They are just tedious. Much time is actually spent on cooling the syrup down and letting the dough stands. Although it's a little too late now but if you are interested in giving it a go, recipe of these Cantonese Style Mooncakes is available on my website here. I have edited it to incorporate some additional information. Other mooncake recipes are available at the Chinese Pastries section, under Mooncake Festival of the same website.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival............. Have lots of mooncakes.

Above: Individually packed mooncake. Got the packaging from Bake with Yen last year at RM 8.50 for 100's.

Above & Below: These are just a very small portions of the various packaging I have been collecting over the years.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you!

I love your packaging, very nice and I'm sure everyone would love to receive it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mooncake Festival to you too! Awesome blog, keep up the good work.


Sarah said...

Hi Jo,
I would like to know how do you store your mooncake. Do you put them in a container or just leave them in the cooling rack for 2-3 days? Please advise. Thanks!

Jo said...

Thanks, Happy MAF to you and your family too. You were right, that's why I keep on collecting them whenever I see new designs, haha....

You have a very personalised blog too. Great job!

I let them cool completely on wire racks then store them in boxes or container for 2-3 days to let the oil comes out again. Mooncakes stored for 2-3 days will have the nice shinny surface compared to the ones freshly baked.

Tastes of Home said...

These looks so prety and nice! Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!

daphne said...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you too. All those packaging looks so pretty!!

devan said...

Hi Jo,

Is so sweet of you to post the mooncake recipe complete with the steps shown in the visual. That was really an effort and it was really helpful especially to the beginner. Awesome & keep up the good work!


Baking Fiend said...

opps, i'm abit late :P Happy Mid-Autumn festival Jo!

noobcook said...

nice mooncakes ... love the nice background in your photos... found u thru LCOM hehe ;)

Jo said...

TOH, daphane,

You are welcomed. Thanks for visiting.

It's never too late. I hoep you had a good Mooncake Festival.

Welcome. I've been to your blog too. Nice blog you have. Keep up the good work.