Monday, July 14, 2008

Counting down Jeriel's 3rd Birthday

This is going to be Jeriel's biggest birthday party ever, even that, it's not gonna be a real big one...

Jeriel will be having his 3rd birthday celebration in his day care centre. There will be 17 kids and 4 teachers if everybody turns up. The theme of the birthday party will be 'Barnyard & Tractor'. Well, a tractor cake was what requested by the little fella while 'Barnyard' was what I added in as barnyard party stuff, e.g. plates, stickers, door gifts for the kids, etc, are easier to find than tractor-related party supplies. This is my first time organising my own kid's party. As a matter of fact, I think I am more excited then Jeriel :P.

Here's how an excited mom plans for her kid's birthday party:

1. First party-related question thrown to the birthday boy: "What cake would you like for your birthday?' and the answer given by the kid was..... 'A Tractor Cake'.

2. Started searching on the internet the various ways and means of conducting a tractor theme party. The closest and easiest birthday theme was 'Barnyard' to tie to tractor. Hence, the 'Barnyard & Tractor' theme.

3. Informed teachers of the Centre about the intention of having a party.

4. Designing of birthday invitation: Looked for tractor and barnyard animal images to be given to my ever creative graphic designer, none other than my beloved SISTER, to come out with the draft of the card.

5. A trick question came back from sis - What color should the tractor be? Tractors of different colors were drawn and submitted to YRH to pick. Final color was GREEN.

6. Menu planning: No spicy food, no food with runny gravy, so it has to be dry and not so messy food. Shortlisted:


a) Egg mayo sandwiches
b) Sardine samosa
c) Chicken ham & cheese pinwheels
d) Probably macaroni cheese too

Orange drink with cocktail fruits

a) Cupcakes decorated with barnyard animal picks
b) Tractor Cake

7. Started shopping for party favour at Petaling Street. Managed to get some stationeries for the kids.

8. Shopped for party plates, napkins and cutleries. Managed to get animal party plates. Preliminary shopping for food and ingredients that are able to keep till the day like cocktail fruits in can, sardine, ham, puff pastry, popiah skin, macaroni, etc.

Will update you guys again nearer to the day :)


lilyng said...


happy birthday to jeriel.

my alexander too will be 3 soon and he has asked for a thomas cake but changed his mind to a Truck. His party will not be a kiddy party, it is a aunty and uncle party.

Jo said...

Thank you and happy birthday to Alexander too. I can never forget Alexander's birthday as his is really close to Jeriel's. Enjoy the auntie and uncle gathering ok?

Sherreen said...


Happy Birthday to Jeriel.

Time really flies...I remember visiting you at the hospital..and now your boy is 3 years old....

Little Corner of Mine said...

Happy Birthday to Jeriel!

Precious Moments said...

Happy Birthday Jeriel.

Jo, your post came really on time when I too am planning for my daughter's party.

I was cracking my head over the food as I don't want the kids to go home in messy clothes that gives the mother a headache. My daughter stained her pretty dress when she attended one party and I couldn't get the stain off. There goes her dress.

Keep ideas coming. I really needed them.

Jo said...

yeah, time flies. That time you haven't got married yet and now you have got a boy!

Ching, thank you.

I am sure this will not be your first time planning. Please share your ideas too ok? I actually went through books and magazines before coming out with the menu but then, still not quite happy with it. I don't know, just dry, no idea...... The menu could have been better and more interesting.

evie said...

Hi Jo,

Happy 3rd Birthday to Jeriel.
Your menu looks good for both adults & kids, perhaps you wanna add in Konnyaku jellys also. Whenever my daughter's kindy have party, I'll made that for her and its always 1st to finish. Don't mind to DHL some of your cupcakes, hehe.....

Jo said...

Thanks evie for the great suggestion. I a would love to offer more varieties of food and am not confident that I could handle so many things at one time. Tomorrow morning is the celebration and now I am making the cupcakes and decorating the Tractor cake. Tonight will be the preparation for the pastry, the fillings, get the egg boiled.....oh dear, anxious !!!!!!!

Oppss said...

Happy Birthday to Jeriel!!

man, he is already? that means i am old!

gina said...

wah...! I didn't get to hug him when he was a he's 3. Enjoy your moments with him. They grow up very fast. Wishing Jeriel a very happy birthday from Auntie here in Singapore!