Monday, June 30, 2008

Jeriel's Snack Box: Wholemeal Bread with Cheddar Cheese Topping

Another trick of a fishy mom sneaking nutritional elements into food. I actually made this bread more than a week ago for breakfast and for Jeriel to bring to his pre-school but it is not until today that the post finally makes its 'appearance' to the public. There are other more interesting recipes in the queue before this.

Despite the good intention, this fishy mom was trying to cut down the tedious bread making process by dumping everything into the breadmaker so that she could enjoy her tv series and net surfing. The result was satisfying, comparable with the ones I occasionally made with bread improver added. You could probably tell from the close-up below.

Off track a little, I don't quite like these two pictures. It was a result of rushing, rushing off to work as I could find no other time when I could shoot under the natural light.

Lagging today. Tired and need a good rest after conducting classes the whole weekend out of town. So guys, not posting the recipe unless requested ok?


pingmouse said...

Ok Jo may I have the recipe please? :) I am thinking of getting a bread machine. Do you really think it's necessary? It's not cheap at all to get one here. I tried baking some soft buns manually, boy was that a disaster. I just dont have the patience and wrist energy to knead and knead and knead.

Jo said...

Hi pingmouse, I will post the recipe later :) Breadmachine is not something fantastic to have as the texture is kind unpredictable if you don't adjust the proofing time according to the recipe and weather. It is more a convinience for me. Do you have a heavy duty mixer to help you mixing your dough. If not, breadmaker is a good option to consider if you like homebaked bread.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

I have a breadmaking machine at home but it will turn hard after 1 or 2 days... can I have your recipe please... thanks !
My email