Monday, January 28, 2008

Patrick Star, the Spongebob's Friend

I don't really take cake orders nowadays. The main reason is, I am too tied up with the teaching part as well as the management side of the training department of the school. Secondly, I prefer teaching. I like sharing my knowledge with my students and enjoy every moment of my teaching.

This customer wanted to order a cake from me a couple of months ago but I was too busy to take this order. This time, he was going to celebrate the birthday of his other son, Joe Joe. The birthday boy wanted a Patrick cake. Feeling guilty to reject him again, I took the order. I was not familiar with Spongebob so I had to do quite a bit of research on the internet, e.g. colors of the body, pants, facial expressions, his uniqueness, what he liked doing, etc, before I was confident enough to start working on this cake. I started disliking this character but the more I searched about him, the more I started to like him. By the time I finished decorating this cake, I actually fell in love with this guy :P

I couldn't make use of any of the Wilton novelty pans we carry as Wilton only manufactures Spongebob's character pan and not the friend, Patrick. I basically had to bake one 18x12 inch rectangular cake to carve into the starfish-like body shape and one 'wondermold' cake for the tummy. The flavour of the cake was vanilla and it was coated with vanilla buttercream before fondant was put on. The tummy was the most challenging part as it involved quite a bit of patching and sculpturing work so that the big tummy would look natural. The decorating, from carving to completion took about 4.5 hours. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with this cake. Hope you will like him as much as I do.

See the super large tummy?


Little Corner of Mine said...

This cake is so cute! Well done!

Ling's Passion said...

Aww....this is such an awesome looking cake considering the fact that you have to scupture from scatch.

Piccola said...

wow! that's such excellent work you've done

Jo said...

Hi piccola,
Thanks for visiting and compliment. Great blog you have too. Keep up the good work.